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Matrix Walk In Cold Rooms

We supply and Install the full range of Cold Kit products including the Matrix walk in cold rooms. The matrix rooms have an innovative design which has serval advantages over conventional modular cold rooms. Including an unlimited panel configuration along with a stylish grey exterior and white interior.

Flexibility from design to installation

With the Matrix room sizes are adjustable by just 20cm, Providing a unique combination for a modular off the shelf cold room. Other features like partition walls to create a duel compartment cold room & freezer room configurations are also possible. In addition, they also offer windows and glass door options for display purposes.  The Matrix option is a great all-rounder and usually available from UK based stock, providing quick delivery & Installation times.

Refrigeration Equipment  Options 

Depending on a the installation requirements and product loadings we would usually recommend installing a remote refrigeration system for general cold stores. Remote refrigeration systems offer many additional benefits compared to integral units. However, we do supply and install integral wall mounted or ceiling mounted refrigeration systems from brands such as Zanotti and Riva-Cold. Both of which have an excellent reputation within the refrigeration industry for manufacturing high quality and reliable units at competitive prices.

Remote Split System 

Zanotti remote split systems consisted of an “indoor unit” (evaporator coil) and an “Outdoor unit” (condensing unit), and are suitable for small  to medium size cold rooms & freezer rooms. they take slightly longer to install and more as we need to run pipes and cables from the evaporator to the condensing, but once there set to work you have all the benefits that a remote system offers.

Zanotti through the ceiling refrigeration unit

Integral through the ceiling

Zanotti through the ceiling integral units are really quick and straight forward to install, these versatile units provide maximum store capacity and are suitable for small to medium cold rooms and freezers, there ideal if the cold store has plenty of ventilation and space above the room.

Zanotti through the wall Refrigeration Unit

Integral through the wall  

Zanotti through the wall refrigeration units are very competitively priced for a high end brand. offering quick installation and great reliability. More suited to general storage of  small to medium sized cold rooms and freezers.

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