Cold Store Construction In Cornwall

Bespoke Cold Store Construction Specialists

A.T.Refrigeration Ltd specialise in bespoke cold store construction in Cornwall. We have over 20 years experience in building bespoke rooms from insulated cold store panels. We only use the best quality panels from manufactures such as Kingspan & Purever. In addition each project is built to the customers exact requirements. Firstly, we listen to your idea’s and produce a basic floor plan. We then created your vision of how you would like cold store to look & function. 

Once the final plans are agreed. We start putting the vision into the reality. First of all we arrive on site and our staff complete the relevant safety talks, ensuring method statements and risk assessments are in place before proceeding with the job at hand. This creates the basis of how we complete each project safely and efficiently. A.T.Refrigeration Ltd are fully committed to health and safety at work and all of our staff and contractors have completed a health and safety test.

Some of the solutions we offer 

Kingspan Mod-Box / Ultra-Box Paneling
  • Bespoke Doors, Standard Personnel & Palletised Doors.
  • Portiso Insulated Cold Room & Freezer Room Doors, Hinged & Sliding.
  • Portiso Automatic Electric Sliding Doors, Rapid Rise Doors & Personnel Doors.
  • Windows, Glass Doors, Vision Panels.
  • Door Frame Heaters, Threshold and Floor Heaters.
  • Fermod Door Handles, Hinges, Locks, Sliding Tracks & Ancillaries.
  • Purever PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulated Panels, Flat & Micro-Ribbed. 
  • Kingspan QuadCore & UltraBox Insulated Panels, Coloured, Flat or Ribbed.
  • Fermod & Coolblok Cold Room Shelving Systems.

Some of the Industries & Sectors we’ve supplied

Professional & Bespoke Cold Room Installers in Cornwall
  • Milk, Dairy & Cheese Factories. 
  • Fruit & Veg Storage, Potatoes Stores.
  • Food production & Ice Cream Manufactures.
  • Storage & Cold Store Logistic Centres.
  • Brewery’s, Beer Cellars & Wine Stores.
  • Flower Storage & Cutting Rooms.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Critical Temperature Applications.
  • Convenience Stores, Shops & Retail.
  • Wholesalers, Butcheries & Bakeries.
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets.

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