Hygienic Shelving

A.T.Refrigeration Ltd can supply high quality hygienic shelving from the likes of Fermod & Coolblok. Providing complete modular shelving solutions for your commercial kitchens & cold store’s in Cornwall. 

Coolblok Hygienic Shelving Solutions 

Hygienic Shelving for Commercial Kitchens, Cold Rooms & Freezers in Cornwall

Standard 370 & 470 Deep Shelving 

Coolblok hygienic shelving systems can be combined in a variety of ways according to your needs. The standard range is available in 370mm & 470mm depths. Proving the ideal alternative to the rigidity of classic shelving systems due its modularity. Making it possible to adapt it to professional kitchens in order to make the most of the space available.

Support loads of up to 120 kg on the lower shelf and up to 100 kg on the higher shelves. which assures long-lasting, solid performance adapted to the demands of commercial kitchens.

Suitable for use In the hotel and catering sectors. you can count on Coolblok shelving for hygienic storage of food products. which facilitates stock management & ease of cleaning schedules with the removal plastic inserts.

Gastronorm GN Pan Hygienic Shelving in Cornwall

GN 1/1 & GN 2/3 Shelving 

Coolblok GN shelving system is specifically designed for Gastronorm containers with 1/1 (560 mm (22 in.) shelves) and 2/3 (385 mm (15 in.) shelves) sizes. Gastronorm shelving can also be combined with the 370 mm / 470 mm shelving options above.

GN shelf sizes were especially developed to meet the demands of kitchen and catering professionals. This provides optimum storage, as food can be stored directly on a support shelf without having to be moved to other containers.

When it comes to food hygiene, a perfectly clean process must be assured in all links in the food chain. In addition to respecting the hygiene standards and having NF certification, Coolblok has designed unique floor shelves, which prevent any contact between the food and the floor.

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