Blast Chillers & Freezers

We specialize in Blast Chillers & Freezers in Cornwall, Providing the complete range of blast cycle products & equipment. Including counter height & upright cabinets, roll-in & walk-in rooms. Plus bespoke custom build rooms to suit all requirements. 

Under Counter Blast Chillers in Cornwall

Counter Height Blast Chiller Cabinets 

These low cost Foster Xtra 10kg & 20kg blast chiller cabinets are ideal for blast chilling products prior to general storage. Microprocessor controls provide foodsafe chilling from +70C to +3C in 90 minutes. 

We can supply the full range of small blast chiller products from Foster | Williams | Gram

Upright Blast Chillers & Freezer Cabinets in Cornwall

Upright Blast Chiller & Freezer Cabinets

For kitchens requiring more capacity we sell upright blast chillers & freezers with a product loading for up to 52kg. Foster | Williams | Gram

Chilling capacity 70ºC to 3ºC in less than 90 minutes within specifications. Entry temperature up to 90ºC for chilling. Freezing capacity from +70ºC to -18ºC in less than 240 minutes within specifications

Roll in Blast Chiller & Freezers in Cornwall

Roll-In Blast Chillers & Freezers 

Suitable for medium to large food manufactures and process cooling requirements. This range of Roll-In & Roll Trough blast chillers start at 60kg product loadings. with the option of Integral or remote refrigeration systems.

Generally these modular rooms are more suited for gastronorm sized trolleys, Foster offer a 60kg version specifically for the Rational 201 trolley, and Gram offer a cabinet for bakery trolleys. We supply all three of the high end brands Foster | Williams | Gram

Walk In & Bespoke Blast Chillers & Freezers In Cornwall

Walk-In / Bespoke Blast Chillers & Freezers

Modular blast chiller & freezer rooms generally finish at about 200kgs of product loading, which satisfies most applications. However, A.T.Refrigeration Ltd can take this to the next level with a bespoke purpose built blast chiller / freezer made for your specific requirements. 

For more information on the products we offer please contact us on 01637 859333

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